100 problems you will never know about

So I’ve been ranting, and ranting, and ranting about how unreliable Zabbix is, unless you go out of your way to force it to be reliable.

Things did improve with time. In 2.2, finally we could monitor stale items and triggers. Zabbix folks even created an official template for that. That really was an improvement.

Or so I thought, until re-checking the template. Lo and behold:

<expression>{Template App Zabbix Server:zabbix[queue,10m].min(10m)}>100</expression>
<name>More than 100 items having missing data for more than 10 minutes</name>

Dammit. Why? Why shooting all new users in the foot? Why there just has to be a pitfall?

That’s 100 items with missing data. 100 problems that a user will not be notified about, unless he edits the template by hand.

So, as usual, the fix: go into Template_App_Zabbix_Server configuration, and change trigger to fire on [queue,10m].min(10m) > 0.