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zabbix_sender failed items debug

Once upon a time, you need to send a value to Zabbix from a script. Zabbix_sender comes to the rescue: zabbix_sender -z "server IP address" -p 10051 -s "host in zabbix" -k "item key" -o "item value"

Zabbix and non-standard email server port

The most used notification type in Zabbix (and other systems, likely) is email. So, suppose you’ve installed Zabbix server and want to enable the alerts. There’s only one minor issue: your SMTP runs on a non-standard port. For whatever reason. This can’t be a problem, can it?

Cleaning up Zabbix database

Zabbix database can grow quite considerably over time. Expecially if you use default templates where many items are checked at interval of 30 and aren’t even used in the triggers.

Zabbix housekeeper woes

Every item in Zabbix is configured to store its history and trends for some individual period. The process that cleans outdated data is Housekeeper. Although if you monitor at least a hundred of hosts, you probably know about it already. From been bitten by its performance. It housekeeps and housekeeps and housekeep...